Should I Take a Settlement After a Car Accident?

Clients often ask their lawyers when they should accept a settlement for a car accident. Many times clients feel pressured to accept the first offer because they need money while they are out of work healing from a car crash, workplace injury, or medical malpractice incident. 

The court system moves very slowly, and insurance companies use delaying tactics in hopes that a case will be settled quickly with a smaller payout. It takes your lawyer time to negotiate the true value of your case.

Pre-settlement funding helps you get money before a case is settled. Money that will help you get back on your feet. The process is simple.

When you talk with Barrister Capital (get in touch by filling out this form), we ask five questions and then briefly discuss your case. The decision to fund your pre-settlement request is made quickly. Funds can be available in as little as 24 hours and our clients are never charged:

There are no fees that will pop up in your pre-settlement funding process with Barrister. We believe transparency with our clients is key to how we operate. We’re upfront about costs and never tack on any hidden fees.

We also make things easy for your attorney so they can spend time working on your accident or worker’s comp case, and not filling out pages of paperwork. All we need from your law firm is a signature on the already completed contract.

Once you receive pre-settlement money and you are back on solid financial ground, you don’t need to worry about making monthly payments. The amount you receive from Barrister is an advance of a portion of proceeds of your potential case award.

The money is paid back out of your settlement — your attorney will deduct the advance amount, and send us a check. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing.

How much you pay back depends on how long it takes for the case to be resolved. The sooner the better, but if it goes on for a while, you’ll appreciate our easy to understand fee structure. Our rates start at 15%, while others charge up to three times that for pre-settlement funds.

We enjoy offering help during difficult times and approach every case with the client’s best interest at heart. 

Let’s get you back on your feet again. Apply for funding now.
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