What Types of Cases Qualify for Lawsuit Funding?

Talking with a lawyer or filing a lawsuit aren’t things that are high on anyone’s agenda. It’s hard to understand how the court system works and why it takes so long for lawsuits to settle. However, if you’re hurt because of the negligence of another and it results in lost wages, tons of medical bills, and hours of therapy and rehabilitation, you want money to cover your medical costs, lost wages, as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

One of the most common reasons people file a lawsuit is because of a motor vehicle accident. Each year, around 3 million people are injured because a driver was recklessly driving a vehicle and caused an accident with a car, truck, motorcycle, bike or even a pedestrian. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, either as a driver, a passenger, or pedestrian, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your personal injuries and financial loss.

There are other types of cases where you may be able to obtain compensation because of negligence by a person or corporation. Wrongful death lawsuits can be brought when a loved one has been killed due to someone else’s carelessness. Most wrongful death suits are filed because of a car or truck crash, nursing home neglect, construction accidents, or the use of a dangerous product. A wrongful death lawsuit allows for recovery of damages that are unique and different from those in a non-fatal injury case.

Lawsuits are also filed in premises liability cases, which refer to injuries inflicted because of a dangerous or defective condition on someone’s land. These accidents can occur on commercial property such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, malls and retail stores, public and private swimming pools, or at a neighbor’s home. A wide range of defective or dangerous conditions can give rise to a “premise liability” claim, including tripping over an obstacle or slipping on a spill in a walkway or aisle. It’s critical to document the dangerous or defective condition as soon as possible after the accident.

These different types of cases all have two things in common:

Because personal injury and wrongful death cases take a long time to settle, many times plaintiffs settle too soon because they have bills to pay and no income. They aren’t aware that they are eligible for money from the lawsuit before the suit is settled. 

This is where pre-settlement funding comes in. Barrister Capital offers funding based on the merits of a case, and we don’t do a credit check. Cash is often available in as little as 24 hours and can be used to pay utilities, cover a car payment or even buy groceries.

If you or someone you know is involved in a lawsuit described above, and is in need of immediate funds, fill out our contact form so we can discuss your case and get your access to cash quickly. 

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