Why Lawyers Love Barrister Capital

Pre-settlement funding allows clients to have funds to cover expenses while waiting for a case to settle. This breathing room means the client isn’t forced to choose between paying bills and taking the first offer an insurance company makes. That means attorneys have time to negotiate and win a more favorable settlement for their clients.

At Barrister, we realize that the most valuable commodity an attorney has is time. There is only so much time in a day and personal injury attorneys want to use their time in the most productive way possible.

If clients are calling their attorneys, complaining that they can’t pay bills, and asking when the case will settle, attorneys aren’t making the best use of their time. The simple solution is to give clients Barrister’s contact information and let us explain how pre-settlement funding works. We’ll deal directly with the client, of course keeping you or your case manager informed, and advance them an appropriate amount of money based on the factors of their case. 

Attorneys then can then use their time to negotiate settlements and be proactive in more cases. If a client needs a second round of funding, they call our office, not their attorney’s office.

If for some reason we can’t fund a case, we don’t throw attorneys under the bus. We tell clients the decision is solely Barrister’s, and that we can’t fund the case for a specific reason. There’s no blow-back on the attorney.

Lawyers appreciate that Barrister doesn’t make them fill out reams of paperwork for a client advance. We only ask for an attorney acknowledgement of our lien, by having the attorney sign a section of the plaintiff’s agreement.

Our company was started by lawyers and we have an on staff attorney – we’re lawyer friendly. We get input from plaintiff’s attorneys before we fund, so we never overfund a client. We want clients to walk away with the maximum amount of money possible; more money than they would have if they used another funding company.

We know that fee transparency is important to you and your clients. We fully explain our contract and NEVER charge:

Time is also important for the clients, and that’s why we can fund requests in as little as 24 hours. We’re proud of our quick underwriting process that’s handled internally so we’re not dependent on someone else when it comes to the client’s money.

Once a case is settled, we ask attorneys to withhold our lien at closing and submit the payoff funds to us. Attorneys can give us a call to look up their client payoffs, or use our attorney portal to check client’s payouts.

We realize that sometimes things get a bit sideways during case negotiations and we’re willing to talk about lien reductions if it’s warranted by the settlement numbers.

We earn a firm’s business by being trustworthy and easy to work with. 

Let’s get you back on your feet again. Apply for funding now.
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