Why you shouldn’t try to settle a personal injury case without a lawyer

3 reasons to use an attorney for your largest settlement

The likelihood of winning a personal injury case without a lawyer is pretty slim. In fact, 85% of personal injury cases involve the help of an attorney to achieve a settlement. And it’s no wonder. Even the cases that seem like they will be straightforward can hit bumps in the road like long and delayed timelines (especially in the middle of a pandemic) and reduced or denied worker’s comp checks.

But if you’re still wondering if hiring an attorney to help you win your personal injury case is the right choice for you, here are some of the top reasons why having a trusted lawyer at your side can help you make your case.

3 ways a lawyer will help you win your personal injury case

1. Judges don’t allow many people to represent themselves.

It’s not uncommon to see a scene on TV or in a movie where a plaintiff cleverly represents themselves, usually triumphantly winning the case in the end.

We wish it were that easy, but it turns out, those scenes are far more dramatic and less common than you think. In order to properly represent yourself in a personal injury case, you’ll need to know things like statute of limitations, comparative fault, local laws regarding court procedures, filing fees, how to write briefs and depositions, etc. 

In order to ensure that your case goes through all the proper legal procedures, the judge will insist on the appropriate representation, and that’s often not the plaintiff themself.

2. Settlement amounts are nearly four times more when repped by an attorney

When you see the list of some of the things that go into presenting and winning a personal injury case, it explains why cases that are repped by lawyers secure around three and half times more in compensation. 

Attorneys know how to accurately calculate pain and suffering and are trained to assess the long-term effects of injuries, which are some of the most challenging elements of a personal injury case to convincingly estimate and present.

3. You can hire lawyers on a contingency fee so you don’t pay them unless you collect.

If you believe that an attorney would help your case, but you’re concerned you can’t afford one, we’re happy to report that you can find a lawyer that you only pay if you collect on your case. 

And not only can you find attorneys who you can pay on a contingency fee, but lawyers can also help you apply for pre-settlement funding, which is another way you can alleviate some of the financial strain that comes with pursuing legal help and living your life as you recover from your injury.

Need help with your personal injury case?

If you have questions about finding an attorney that will work to get you a fair and significant settlement, reach out to us today! We’d love to chat. 

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