How to choose a pre-settlement funding company

4 important questions a lawyer should ask a potential pre-settlement partner.

Pre-settlement funding is essential for many plaintiffs fighting for the worker’s comp they deserve while also trying their best to continue living their lives. 

And plaintiffs aren’t the only people who need support during a personal injury case. Lawyers have always had to contend with slow communication and confusing administrative processes, but since the arrival of COVID-19, these delays have only increased. 

Thankfully, lawyers don’t have to pursue justice for their clients alone. When choosing a pre-settlement company, there are a few questions you should ask to ensure that your client doesn’t have to settle their case early due to financial strain. 

1. How long will the pre-settlement funding application take?

Some companies seem to make lawyers jump through hoops to get pre-settlement funding for their clients with lengthy questionnaires, complex applications, and in-person meetings. Going through a personal injury case is stressful for clients at the best of times, but when you hit a bump in the road, like your worker’s comp check being cut off, time is truly of the essence.

At Barrister Capital, we work quickly. We’ll ask just a few questions about your case, and have an answer about your client’s pre-settlement funding in as little as 24 hours.

2. What does the pre-settlement funding process look like?

Not only do some companies make the pre-settlement funding application long and arduous, some still insist on requiring clients to sign contracts themselves, which is yet another step in the process and another person to work with. 

Barrister Capital will simply contact your office and verify the information the client has provided, confirm if there is acceptance, and ask if there is any opinion on funding.

3. How should I advise my client to use their pre-settlement funding?

There is a lot of misinformation about pre-settlement funding, especially when it comes to one of the most important questions a plaintiff will have: how exactly can they use their pre-settlement funding? 

Plaintiffs usually expect to use pre-settlement funding to pay for bills, but what about other essential needs like groceries or childcare? We have good news. You can tell your clients that people have used their pre-settlement funds in a lot of ways like:

For a list of more ways people have used their pre-settlement funding, check out our recent blog.

4. Why should I choose you as my partner for pre-settlement funding?

Every pre-settlement funding company is different, and it’s important you find the right partner for you and your client. 

At Barrister Capital, we pride ourselves on our transparency, speed, and discretion. We keep any information we obtain confidential, and we do not share it with anyone, including the client. 

If you request that we deny the client or offer a specific amount to them, then we tell the client that the decision was made by the owner of our company. We aim to act as a shield between you and your client during your difficult cases.

We believe in being trustworthy and easy to work with.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you and your client with pre-settlement funding, we hope that you’ll reach out or give us a call at 800-910-0855. We’d love to hear more about your case and have a conversation about what sets Barrister Capital apart from other companies.

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